This Panoramic Drawing View shows Aveiro city from the top of the Tower of Teatro Aveirense. It was drawn with Bic Cristal 1.6 ballpoint pen, on 9x A3 size sheets.

In SJM there are still several Public Laundry Washers where some people still do their #laundry, 7 of them are municipal. These tanks are a #tangible heritage from a bygone

Drawings from Spring, summer and autumn. This travel Sketchbook of Vacations 2019 contains 33 drawings made during several dead moments between some trips made between spring and autumn 2019. All drawings are

This Porto Birds eye view was drawn from the deck of the Dom Luiz I Bridge, one of the most iconic sites in the city of Porto. It shows a

This vista over the city of Porto, shows the sea of roofs that can be seen from Terreiro da Sé, right in front of the Cathedral of Porto. It was

Este panorama é uma série de 24 desenhos feitos à vista, do cimo do edifício do Forum Municipal, em São João da Madeira. Quando são alinhados por justaposição, constituem um panorama de 360º.

Em Matosinhos existe uma rua que corre como um rio para o mar. In Matosinhos there is a street which flows like a river to the sea. Este desenho esteve na exposição “Lugar