Vista da marginal de Gaia | Gaia riverside view

Desenho da vista da ribeira do Porto para a ribeira de Gaia. Este desenho foi utilizado no “Catavino´s Port Lodge Map” para a empresa Catavino.
Drawing of a view of Gaia riverside from Porto riverside. This drawing was used for the”Catavino´s Port Lodge Map” for the company Catavino.

Gaia Riverside Landscape | Paisagem da ribeira de Gaia


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I am passionate about good food and good wines. I am also obsessed with drawing. On this site you will find examples of the most recent works, always somehow related to drawing. Most studies relate to topics such as urban landscape, city guides, maps and the human figure. There are also some examples of other types of illustration dedicated to the communication of events or instruction manuals that come from my designer activity. I am available for design works, drawing and illustration at freelancer regime.