Caderno 2014 | Sketchbook 2014

Estes desenhos são seleccionados a partir de vários cadernos usados ao longo do ano de 2014. Alguns dos desenhos foram utilizados em trabalhos, outros foram feitos em contexto de férias ou tempos livres.

These drawings were selected from several sketchbooks used throughout the year of 2014. Some of the drawings were used in professional work, others were made in the context of vacation or leisure.

Gaia 01desenhos_2014_023

Gaia 02desenhos_2014_024

Gaia 03desenhos_2014_025

Gaia 04desenhos_2014_026

Gaia 05desenhos_2014_027

Gaia 06desenhos_2014_028


Esplanada 01desenhos_2014_020

Esplanada 02desenhos_2014_019

Esplanada 03desenhos_2014_017

Esplanada 04desenhos_2014_016

Esplanada 05desenhos_2014_015

Esplanada 06desenhos_2014_029

Praia 01desenhos_2014_001

Praia 02desenhos_2014_002

Praia 03desenhos_2014_003

Praia 04desenhos_2014_004

Praia 05desenhos_2014_005

Mãos 01desenhos_2014_006

Mãos 02desenhos_2014_007

Mãos 03desenhos_2014_008

Mãos 04desenhos_2014_30

Piscina 01desenhos_2014_014

Piscina 02desenhos_2014_012

Piscina 03desenhos_2014_018

Piquenique 01desenhos_2014_013

Vinhas verdes 01desenhos_2014_009

Vinhas verdes 02desenhos_2014_010

Vinhas verdes 03desenhos_2014_011

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I am passionate about good food and good wines. I am also obsessed with drawing. On this site you will find examples of the most recent works, always somehow related to drawing. Most studies relate to topics such as urban landscape, city guides, maps and the human figure. There are also some examples of other types of illustration dedicated to the communication of events or instruction manuals that come from my designer activity. I am available for design works, drawing and illustration at freelancer regime.